Newly acquired books for Teacher Education Department

1. Appreciating Philippine Contemporary Literature
2. Basic grammar skills for freshmen
3. Developmental reading 1 (Crisostomo)
4. Developmental reading 1 (Aquino)
5. English & American literature
6. Introduction to linguistics
7. Introduction to linguistics (Rosales)
8. Literary criticism reconsidered
9. World literature
10. LET Reviewer (Gutierrez)
11. Earth science
12. Environmental science
13. Fundamentals of biological science
14. Fundamentals of Physical Science
15. Afro-Asian Literature : a Tapestry
16. Analytic Geometry
17. Business Mathematics
18. College Algebra (Paguio)
19. College Algebra (Rev.)
20. Differential Calculus
21. Mathematics of investment (new)
22. Modern Plane Trigonometry
23. Plane Trigonometry

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