Mission – Goals – Objectives


NONESCOST Library aims to assist the school in producing globally competitive graduates.



1. To upgrade/update the library collections and keep them growing.

2. To upgrade the librarian and library staff.

3. To designate qualified librarians to cope with the work.

4. To provide an automated library system for easy access to information.

5. TO acquire standard materials necessary in learning process.



1. To provide an organized and readily accessible collection of print and non-print materials and equipment to meet the institutional and instructional needs of students, faculty and staff:

a)   Adequate research materials for students use.

b)   A diversified reference collection.

c)   A range of periodicals.

d)  Non-print materials including traditional and newly developed audiovisual and computer (machine-readable) formats.

2. To support institutional research of faculty or staff which relates to present or future curricular issues in higher education.

3. To provide services which support the School’s Mission

4. To encourage innovation and learning by providing facilities, and qualified library staff and resources.

5. To assist the faculty in the development of instructional media and/or instructional systems.



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