Rules and Regulations

1. The library is mainly for research. Silence must be strictly observed at all times. Any staff on duty has the authority to send out anyone causing any disturbance inside.

2. Smoking and sleeping in the library are prohibited.

3. Cellular phones must be turned off or set in silent mode when inside the library.

4. Plugging of laptop, printer, cellphone, etc. are not allowed inside the library.

5. Writing on books, library chairs and tables, theft of any library materials, tearing of pages and all other forms of mutilation beyond reasonable wear are strictly prohibited and are subject to disciplinary action.

6. Chairs must be pushed back against the tables after using.

7. Books, magazines and newspapers must be returned properly to their designated places.

8. Books from Reserve Section are for library use only. Photocopying of books and other resources is limited only to thirty (30) minutes. Reserve Books are issued for one hour at a time. Extension for additional hours may be granted unless there is a prior demand by another user.

For Reserve Books

( 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) School I.D. is required

(5:00 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.) Library Card is required

A fine of P 1.00 for the first hour and P .50 for the succeeding hours or P6.00 per day, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

9.   Books from Circulation Section can be borrowed   for three (3) days and Five (5) days for Fiction Books. A fine of P 1.00 per day shall be collected   for   all overdue circulation materials, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

10.  General Reference materials such as Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Almanacs, Atlases, Yearbooks,including Theses and Dissertations are for Library use only.

11. Lost and damaged books:

a.Lost books should be reported immediately to the librarian to minimize the accumulation of fines.

b.When such an incident occurs, the same material must be replaced with the same title, author, edition or revised one.

  1. Library Card

•The I.D. and the library card are non-transferable. Anybody caught presenting an I.D. that is not his/her own shall be subject to the following sanctions:

1st Offense   :   Warning

2nd Offense :   To   be   meted   by the Student Affairs Office

(SAS) based on a report to be filed by the library.

•             Tampered cards will not be honored.

•             The library card must be presented upon entering the library .

•             Lost library card must be reported and replaced upon complying with the requirements.

–                      Affidavit of Loss

–                      Replacement fee

–                      1×1 I.D. picture

Library Card is required in signing of clearance.

13.Except for valuables, attaché cases, bags, jackets and big envelopes must be deposited at the baggage counter before entering the library.

14.The staff is authorized to inspect all belongings before the library users leave the library        (Student must leave the library 15 minutes before the time for their next class)

15. Library services shall cease 15 minutes before the indicated closing time to enable the staff members to put the library in order for the next day’s work.

16. Violations of the Rules of Conduct shall be reported to the Student Affairs Office for proper disposition and recording.




1. The Internet Research Area (IRA) is for the use of officially enrolled students, faculty and staff of NONESCOST only. Use of the Internet computers is on a first-come-first-served basis. Computers cannot be reserved by students, faculty and staff. Students are entitled to only one (1) hour a day. Company of two is not permitted.

2. Internet access is limited to educational and school related activities. Chat rooms and e-mails are strictly off limits.

3. No eating and drinking.

– Do not eat or drink in the Internet Research Area (IRA), as accidental spillage may cause damage to equipment.

4. No use of mobile phone.

– Do not disrupt or interfere with the work of the users; in particular, do not use mobile phones in the area.

5. No bags and other personal things inside.

6. Do not download or install software.

7. No changing of computer settings.

– Users must not change computer settings or create, display, produce or circulate  offensive material in any form or medium.

8. Printing rules.

– Print only what you absolutely need.

– Students who wish to print web documents must pay P2.00 per printed page.

9. Do not search, view and/ or distribute inappropriate/ offensive materials, such as pornographic pictures/ literature.

10. Do not use a school account (e.g. school logo, letterhead, etc. ) to post anonymous or false information.

11. Never try to check or fix any computer hardware and / or applications. Just leave computers at their current state.



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